School-Live!, Vol. 6 por Norimitsu Kaihou

Titulo del libro: School-Live!, Vol. 6

Autor: Norimitsu Kaihou

ISBN: 0316502723

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School-Live!, Vol. 6 por Norimitsu Kaihou

Norimitsu Kaihou con School-Live!, Vol. 6

The girls head out on a graduation trip together! There's a mysterious voice on the radio; does that mean someone else is still alive? In high spirits, the School Living Club sets out to see if they'll be adding a new member!

Norimitsu Kaihou (Author)
Norimitsu Kaihou is the author behind the adorably grim manga series School-Live!

Sadoru Chiba (Author)
Sadoru Chiba is the artist behind the manga series School-Live!