Juniper's Whitening / Victimese por Helen Oyeyemi

Titulo del libro: Juniper's Whitening / Victimese

Autor: Helen Oyeyemi

Número de páginas: 96 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: January 20, 2005

ISBN: 0413774783

Editor: Bloomsbury Methuen Drama

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Juniper's Whitening / Victimese por Helen Oyeyemi

Helen Oyeyemi con Juniper's Whitening / Victimese

Two plays exploring the pain of living and the difficulty of dying by a sensational new writer
Juniper's Whitening

"Tell me this - is it true that if you make someone die, and they come out the other side, it doesn't matter? I'm sure something clung to Lazarus. Something must've shone through him."

In Aleph, Beth and Juniper's nightmare house, kindness is entrapment, and resurrection is a weapon. Aleph love/hates Beth, Beth love/hates Aleph, and all Juniper knows is that Beth can't seem to stop being murdered.

One thing above all: none of them must look out of the window.

"I was thinking, Eve, that you need to touch bottom - just so you know you can do it. So you know it's not that difficult; so you know that you don't have to tunnel far; so you know that you're not that actually as deep as you think you are."

Eve is unable to leave her student room but unable to bear staying in it. In harming herself she hopes to demonstrate her courage and independence to both herself and her friends. But her sister's arrival and need for her friendship forces her to face painful truths and to examine whether it is possible to temper emotional courage with the humanity to give and ask for aid.