Scalextric: The Ultimate Guide por Roger Gillham

Titulo del libro: Scalextric: The Ultimate Guide

Autor: Roger Gillham

Número de páginas: 400 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: February 15, 2009

ISBN: 1844255360

Editor: Haynes Publishing UK

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Scalextric: The Ultimate Guide por Roger Gillham

Roger Gillham con Scalextric: The Ultimate Guide

First published in 1981, this book has long been recognized as the ‘bible of Scalextric’, providing a complete catalogue of the cars and equipment produced. Now, for this seventh edition, the book has undergone a transformation, with a complete redesign and masses of new information about cars, sets and accessories produced around the world. As well as extra detail about earlier periods, there is full coverage of all the new Scalextric products launched in the four years that have elapsed since the previous edition. Now containing nearly 1,000 photographs, this book has become an extraordinarily detailed summary of everything in the world of Scalextric, written by an author who has been captivated by the subject for nearly 50 years.