Emergency Talk (Talk Chinese Series) por Li Shujuan

Titulo del libro: Emergency Talk (Talk Chinese Series)

Autor: Li Shujuan

Número de páginas: 213 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: January 1, 2006

ISBN: 7802002249

Editor: Sinolingua

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Emergency Talk (Talk Chinese Series) por Li Shujuan

Li Shujuan con Emergency Talk (Talk Chinese Series)

Talk Chinese is the first series on practical, colloquial Chinese. It covers social communications, life, travel, sports, leisure, shopping, emergency, campus, office, IT, etc. It allows you to experience the Chinese language through real life experiences. You'll learn Chinese that is suitable for real life situations: colloquial words, slang, everyday expressions and sentences. With this series you can respond effectively and intelligently in the situations you'll encounter.