Tumahari Kalam Se (Hindi) por Arun Sagar

Titulo del libro: Tumahari Kalam Se (Hindi)

Autor: Arun Sagar

Número de páginas: 81 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: January 1, 2016

Editor: Diamond Pocket Books

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Tumahari Kalam Se  (Hindi) por Arun Sagar

Arun Sagar con Tumahari Kalam Se (Hindi)

Friends! My journey in the world of poetry is still on – the process of versing my couplets (Shers) with all the pleasures and haphazard pains of my life is unhampered. Those who were close to me have distanced away and who have impacted on my life and poetry, enhancing my agony which reflects in each of my couplet. With my agony I have tried to versify the aches of the world; all that I heard, saw or felt has been threaded into my couplets piquantly. This journey faces all kinds of problems – some caused by the close ones, some by others! Yet the endeavour is on, deriving the strength from those that we listen directly from the AIR and the TV and also from my considerate readers who read my books. So far my two poetry collections: 'Tanhaayinyon Ka Shor' and 'Rahguzar' have been published, which helped me establish my identity in the assembly of poets. This third one 'Tumhaari Kalam Se' is now before you.
I shall keenly await for your response.