101 Labs - Linux LPIC1: Includes Linux Essentials por Paul Browning,Arturo Baldo

Titulo del libro: 101 Labs - Linux LPIC1: Includes Linux Essentials

Autor: Paul Browning,Arturo Baldo

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101 Labs - Linux LPIC1: Includes Linux Essentials por Paul Browning,Arturo Baldo

Paul Browning,Arturo Baldo con 101 Labs - Linux LPIC1: Includes Linux Essentials

101 Labs - Book SeriesExperts agree that we retain only 10% of what we read but 90% of what we do. Perhaps this explains why the global pass rate for most IT exams is a ghastly 40%. This is where the 101 Labs book series can help. We are revolutionizing how IT people train for their exams and the real world with our Learn - By - Doing teaching method.101 Labs’ mission is to turn you into an IT expert by doing instead of reading. Using free software and free trials, our experts take you by the hand and walk you through every aspect of the protocols and technologies you will encounter in your IT career. We share our configuration tips and tricks with you as well as how to avoid the common mistakes many novice engineers make, which can quickly become career-ending.101 Labs – Linux LPIC1 (Includes Linux Essentials)Linux has been used to build the infrastructure of companies such as Google, Amazon and Facebook. It also runs on TVs, firewalls, smart devices and powers over 96% of web servers. Over 85% of organizations utilize Linux within their IT infrastructure so it represents a great opportunity for any IT person interested in learning open-source.Growth in technology has been a huge increase in demand for engineers who can support Linux servers and computers. The open-source job market is booming with 79% of employers offering big incentives to candidates with this skill. Even exams from vendors such as Cisco Systems and CompTIA require you to understand Linux. There is a huge shortfall in Linux certified engineers and the Linux LIPC1 is currently ranked as the number 1 open source certification101 Labs – Linux LIPC1 takes you through the beginner exam syllabus, the LPI Linux Essentials in case you are a novice and want to learn the basics of Linux or simply just brush up your skills. You then tackle all the main LPIC1 topics broken into the two exams 101 and 102.Follow along with our instructor as he guides you through all the important commands, tools and utilities you need to know. We share our years of industry experience with you so you really feel prepared not only for the exams but the real world of Linux system administration.Please use the free resources at www.101labs.net/resources which will help you with the labs.About the AuthorPaul Browning left behind a career in law enforcement in 2000 and started an IT consulting and training company. He's written over 15 best selling IT books and through his books, classroom courses, and websites he’s trained tens of thousands of people from all walks of life.He's spent the last 16 years dedicated to training and teaching IT students from all walks of life to pass their exams and enjoy a rewarding career.Arturo Norberto Baldo is a Linux enthusiast, network engineer at AS262187, freelance IT consultant since 2012, ISOC and IETF member.